Lash Learning Curve: Avoiding The Top 5 Pitfalls For Newbie Lash Artists

Lash Learning Curve: Avoiding The Top 5 Pitfalls For Newbie Lash Artists

Beginning on a path as classic lash extensions for beginners is a thrilling expedition brimming with imagination and the chance to amplify the inherent allure of clients. Nevertheless, it is essential to acknowledge that newcomers in this field are bound to confront specific hurdles and err along the way. However, if not rectified, these initial missteps can evolve into ingrained habits that impact their lash career. In this blog piece, we will delve into some of the usual errors commonly committed by aspiring lash artists. By recognizing and comprehending these stumbling blocks, budding lash artists can proactively address them, laying the groundwork for a prosperous and gratifying journey in the lash industry. Therefore, to know more in detail, you need to scroll through. 

What Are The Common Mistakes That Novice Eye Lash Artists Make?

Regardless of our willingness to acknowledge it, there is a high probability that, as beginners, we will inevitably make these errors. Failing to rectify them may result in these mistakes solidifying into habits that can significantly influence our future success in the field of lashes.

  1. Using Too Much Or Too Little Adhesive

If you've been pondering why your customer's classic mink eyelash extensions aren't maintaining their longevity as expected, it is likely attributed to the quantity of adhesive employed during the procedure. To begin with, avoid gliding the lash through the glue, as it will merely result in a thin layer of glue on the extension that dries before firmly adhering to the lash. Instead, attempt to gather the glue in a measured manner, being mindful not to overdo it. Aim for a minuscule droplet of glue on the lash rather than an excessively large glob.

  1. Incorrect Styling

Having a proficient understanding of classic lash extensions styling is of utmost significance. It is essential to accurately determine the suitable length, thickness, and curl that will complement your client. Moreover, it is crucial to consider various factors like the direction of natural lash growth, the client's facial bone structure, eye shape, and the distance between the eyes. Furthermore, this consideration holds significant weight. To create the most desired looks, combining at least two different curls is typically necessary to ensure seamless blending and a more authentic result. Reserve such bold choices for special occasions exclusively.

  1. Taking Too Much Time To Isolate The "Perfect Lash"

Have you ever observed how much time you dedicate to isolating a single eyelash? Surprisingly, this is a widespread occurrence. Many aspiring lash artists seek the perfect natural lash to attach the extension to. However, it is crucial to remember that every classic lash extensions for beginners deserves an extension, so the order in which you choose to begin doesn't matter. Pro tip: By tackling the challenging baby lashes first and completing them early on, you can avoid exhaustion towards the end of the procedure and be left with only the simpler lashes to work on!

  1. Not Following The Correct Pre-Treatment

Properly preparing for eyelash application is of utmost significance. It is vital to ensure that your client's lashes are free from any traces of makeup, dust, or dirt. You can employ innovative techniques like lash shampoo or protein remover pads to cleanse the lashes. Therefore, following up with a cleanser and primer is essential to achieve optimal outcomes. Moreover, it is essential to recognize that a correct pre-treatment is not only limited to new sets but should also be implemented during infills. To thoroughly cleanse the classic lash extensions roots, you can utilize microfiber brushes or lip gloss applicator brushes, which effectively leave them immaculate.

  1. Distance From The Eyelid

Achieving the precise distance from the lid can be challenging, necessitating extensive expertise and practice to achieve optimal results. Finding the right balance is crucial since positioning the lash too close or too far can lead to undesirable outcomes. Placing the lash too close to the lid can cause distress and even pain for the client, as the lash and adhesive may irritate their skin. Moreover, it can result in a disorderly appearance and potential twisting of the extensions. Nevertheless, it is advisable to err on the side of keeping the lash further away rather than too close.

Master The Lash Game To Enhance Your Appearance!

Classic lash extensions for beginners can be turned out as a challenging part. Lashes, undoubtedly, add five stars to your makeup. Therefore, if you want to get your amazing-looking lashes, contact us at Matte and Mink Company. You can get anything from mixed length lash trays to glue rings at our website. So, what is there to wait for? Connect and get in touch with us now.


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