Hi, my name is Porschia. I created Matte in Mink in 2014. I am a licensed esthetician who has been lashing for the last 8 years. I have helped teach 200+ women get certified and trained in mink lash extensions. Our goal is to help other women learn the benefits and perks of working for themselves.

 We are located in the Chicago area but our business spans worldwide. We have gained access and knowledge from numerous of other beauty businesses, who we stay connected with. We plan to give back by having knowledge-based beauty events, that hep to foster those minds who may be interested in entreprenurship.

Currently, we occupy 2 storefronts on the southwest side of Chicago. One of our spaces are used to service clients: we offer lash extensions, body waxing, facials and brow maintenance. In our other storefront, we have beauty suites available for other beauty professionals to utilize and generate income. We also allow other professionals to host their classes for their profession and generate more brand visibilty. if you are ever in the Chicago area, come stop by and see us.


Here are a few other the many women I have trained :