Mink Lash Vendor

Mink Lash Vendor


Do you own an eyelash business or are you a licensed esthetician? Are you looking for a mink eyelash vendor for good quality eyelashes? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you are at the right place. Besides a licensed

esthetician, I am a mink lash vendor. You can get the lashes of your choice in my store.

All about Mink lashes:

Mink lashes are formed from the soft fur of mink, normally from Siberia and China. No torture to the little animal is made while getting the fur. Their furry tail is gently brushed to amass the hair and then the fur is properly decontaminated

and sterilized to make high quality eyelashes with almost zero possibility of infection.


As compared to synthetic eyelashes, mink eyelashes are light in weight and provide you a natural look. Because of their natural quality, it will be difficult for others to differentiate between mink eyelashes and your actual eyelashes.


Let’s talk about the last thing about mink eyelashes and that is their prices. Yes,

Of course, they are expensive as compared to synthetic lashes. But the price is

worth it. The high prices are for their qualities, and I think this is what matters the most for us because we can’t compromise on quality, and you can’t compromise on your beauty. They are highly recommended by experts and many celebrities prefer mink eyelashes over synthetic one.

Varieties of Mink Eyelashes:

Due to their natural texture, you can wear mink eyelashes casually. But depending on the function, you are going to rock and how dramatical look you want to get, there are 3 categories of Mink lashes:

  • Strip Mink Eyelashes: These are to create a natural look. One can’t distinguish between your own eyelashes and these types of mink lashes. They are harder to differentiate. They are soft and easy to wear and help you in getting a dreamy look.


  • Individual Mink Eyelashes: They are closer to strip mink eyelashes and help to give you a quite natural look. But the only difference is they are a little thicker than strip mink eyelashes.


  • 3D Mink Eyelashes: Well, here comes the dramatic look giver. As the name suggests, they are very thick eyelashes and give you a very intense and eye catchy look. They are lighter in weight too but give your eyes a fluffy feel and look.


You can buy any of these types in my store in bulk. Also, if you are looking for your favorite vendors, but could not find them, I would love to help you in finding your vendors. So, if you are a lash artist and looking for a trusted and verified vendor, just contact me using the details given below. All the contact details are mentioned at the end of this blog. You can visit our website and avail the services you are interested in.


Advantages to Have me as Your Vendor:

  • With becoming a recurring buyer and member of our lash community you will receive special inside discount codes specially for members only. Receive special individual bulk orders
  • International delivery is also provided. Please allow more processing time for international delivery. Fees are determined by size; we can test an order size for you to get an estimate.
  • The perks of having me as a vendor gives you insight on which products are the best ones and which products are not necessary. You basically get me as a mentor when you sign up to have me provide you supplies in bulk wholesale orders.

 Things to Keep in Mind:

  • To keep your eyelash extension lasting longer, try to get them installed by a professional
  • To keep the eyelashes curly, you can curl them over time and must apply mascara for an aesthetic look. Be conscious, too much mascara can damage your lashes.
  • If your lashes start falling off, revisit your salon for reinstallation.


For pricing and other information, you can contact us on the given number or email ID.

Contact number: 312-340-4320

Email: Matteandminkco@outlook.com

Also, you can visit our website for detailed information about our services.


For any queries, feel free to contact me via email ID provided above. Don’t waste your time, just place your order now and get your mink eyelash extension business started.


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