So, how much does lash techs really make?

So, how much does lash techs really make?

Although, lash extensions have become such a huge thing in the last 10 years and have also made such an impact. It is still a rather new thing. It has become a popular interest for young women to enter into the beauty industry. I, Myself received my start into the beauty industry and becoming an entrepreneur by becoming a lash tech. I’m sure you may have so many questions on whether you would want to become a lash tech.

If it has crossed your mind a few times, then maybe you should at least begin to educate yourself and decide which type of lash artist aspire to become.

 First things first, majority of people want to know; how much is my potential income in this field? According to, in 2020, the Lash Extension Mart was valued at 1.36 billion and is projected to reach 2.31B by 2028. That is a 6.95% increase in just 6 years from now. The year 2028 may sound far but it is closer than you think. On top of that, with lash extensions it takes a few years to become pro level, so why not get started now? We’ll discuss that more later. How about we look at a quick chart, that breaks down the income by the clients that you take and how much you charge.

   This first chart is a great example to use because the price is not even the highest price you can charge for a full set. This lash income chart more reflects that of a lash tech who is just starting out. However, it gives you a great idea of just how much money you can make monthly, weekly, and even daily. I always inform my trainees that at this point, they shouldn’t really go any lower than $100 per set because what we do is very tedious, and it takes a ton of patience on our end. Therefore, you want to feel like you are getting your money’s worth, this will also help ensure that you do a good job.

The second lash income chart is a representation of a lash tech who does charge $100 for her full sets. There is great opportunity to become a six-figure earner in lashes. The chart shows that just by charging $100 per client and taking just 4 clients a day, you will be right almost at that six-figure mark. Now, keep in mind, we are only accounting for full sets here we have not even mentioned fill ins. The best part about our business is that this is a repeat business type of business. Which means, if you can satisfy your customer’s wants, they’ll be more likely to return and keep spending money with you. People will mention a lash income chart but won’t tell you how to obtain it. It’s important to hook clients in front the beginning. You can read more about this in my e-book called “So You’ve Taken A Lash Class, Now What?”. Where I help take you from a lash tech to a lash artist.


The third chart is when you become pro status. What do I mean about pro status? Pro status means you have some grit in the game. People know your brand and rave about you. This is where you no longer must “advertise” yourself. (I use that loosely because we must always advertise ourselves). I should have said, this is where you don’t have to go and find the client, the clients are looking for you. This is when you must raise your prices so that you aren’t working crazy long hours. This is where you have built those loyal clients who always book with you or if they take a break they always seem to come back.



Lash income charts are a great way to determine if becoming a lash tech is even worth your time. That’s not to say that you should get into doing lashes just for the money. With becoming a lash artist, you must dedicate time to practice and find a licensed esthetician to administer a class.

      Speaking of licensed estheticians, I am one. I offer classic and volume classic, 1 on 1 classes and group classes depending on your learning style.


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