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PUT ME IN THE GAME! - an 8 week in depth lash course

PUT ME IN THE GAME! - an 8 week in depth lash course

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Hey Future Boss, 

Is your dream of becoming a licensed esthetician still alive?

We brought an exciting offer for you!


I have finally put my 8-week intensive lash class. I have broken it down by what we will cover week by week. Most of the beginning knowledge and application will be done from home until we get to week 5, where we will begin to bring in models. (I will provide models as well as you should have models in mind as well).  We would meet via zoom every Sunday evening for 2-3 hours. Each session will end with Q&A as well as homework. Take a look over all of what we will cover over the 8 week program below:

Module 1: Introduction to Lash Extensions

  • Session 1: Welcome and Program Overview
  • Session 2: History and Evolution of Lash Extensions
  • Session 3: Lash Extension Types and Styles
  • Session 4: Lash Health and Safety

Module 2: Lash Extension Fundamentals

  • Session 1: Lash Anatomy and Growth Cycles
  • Session 2: Understanding Lash Materials
  • Session 3: Lash Extension Tools and Equipment
  • Session 4: Lash Extension Consultations

Module 3: Preparing for Application

  • Session 1: Client Preparation and Aftercare
  • Session 2: Isolation Techniques
  • Session 3: Eyelash Mapping and Design
  • Session 4: Selecting the Right Lash Extensions

Module 4: Lash Application Techniques

  • Session 1: Classic Lash Extensions
  • Session 2: Volume Lash Extensions
  • Session 3: Hybrid Lash Extensions
  • Session 4: Advanced Lash Styling

Module 5: Application and Practice (IN PERSON DATE:TBD)

  • Session 1: Application Practice on Mannequin Heads
  • Session 2: Live Model Application
  • Session 3: Troubleshooting and Common Issues
  • Session 4: Lash Extension Removal

Module 6: Advanced Topics (IN PERSON DATE:TBD)

  • Session 1: Lash Fills and Maintenance
  • Session 2: Lash Lifts and Tints
  • Session 3: Business and Marketing Strategies
  • Session 4: Certification and Professionalism

Module 7: Final Projects and Assessments (IN-PERSON DATE:TBD) 

  • Session 1: Create and Present a Portfolio
  • Session 2: Written and Practical Assessments
  • Session 3: Graduation and Certificates
  • Session 4: Career Development and Ongoing Learning

Module 8: Ongoing Support and Community (LASH PARTY FOR ALL OF MY PAST TRAINEES)

  • Session 1: Alumni Network and Continuing Education
  • Session 2: Group Discussions and Q&A
  • Session 3: Industry Trends and Innovations
  • Session 4: Mentorship Recap and Farewell



For further queries, feel free to contact via email or

Call us 312.340.4320


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